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Try to laugh over our present administration:

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Draw the Line against terror

We know the Iraqi's have weapons of mass destruction because we have the purchase orders - check out this important WMD website

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Political Humor

Keeping your sanity in this job requires keeping your sense of humor, and I love political humor. Here's a collection of my favorites, send me yours.

The Hit House - some people get hit pieces, I get a hit house.  I could cry, I'd rather laugh:

Advice to Lady Delegates - I was elected at the Bradley for President caucus to be a delegate to the Democratic convention in 2000. Unfortunately, Senator Bradley didn't earn enough delegates for me to go to all the parties in LA, but my friend Dave sent me this advice from a 1956 Wall Street Journal.

Campaign 2004 Bumper Stickers here!

Classic Funnies:

Britain Revokes US Independence

Sexual identity in Afghanistan

The complete military history of France

Tales of Two Cows

Have you seen the latest Sprint advertisement?

My favorite Taliban cartoon so far...

LAFCO Presents - For those of you who aren't local government geeks, LAFCO is a really obscure commission that decides really important regional issues.  Here is an event description of a recent meeting from the ultra-hip Squid List.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Some new answers for this campaign season, and some classic ones.