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Winter Bathroom in Kabul.

Breaking walls to look for frozen pipes.

Breaking bathroom tiles to look for broken pipes.

Tequila inspects bypass pipe from well to roof tank.

Javed and Tequila in the snow.

Our first graduation from the Police Officer Emergency Obstetrics class

Practicing delivery

Practicing placenta delivery in emergency obstetrics class

Senior Police Officer at Afghan National Police Academy

Police woman at Kabul Academy.

General Kodamani addresses the women police graduates.

A Kabul roof ornament

Monster homes Kabul style in Sher Pur neighborhood

Old and new in Kabul neighborhood

Dad looks down from the roof of a house under construction on the kids below.

Mom and one of the kids enjoying lunch under the guard shack.

Tequila proudly presents her trophy mouse.

The dog outside the coffee shop enjoyed a snack.

Pupplies mysteriously show up outside my gate. Wonder why.

The road to Chak-e Wardak. Where there is a road.

School desks being delivered to Wardak.

A few members of our security escort stop for lunch.

The road home from Chak-e Wardak.

The road to Kabul is out there. By the mountains.

They didn't need 15 police to guard me, they needed them to push the truck.

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