May 2002 Photo Gallery - These pictures are the treasures of my trip. I hope in some small measure they convey the joy and challenges that fill the lives of the Afghan people. Thank you to Farzana, Mike and Meriam for sharing their pictures with me for this album as well.

June 2003 Photo Gallery - These pictures are primarily of the rebuilding project in the Kabul Women's Welayat (prison).  Most of the women were here for marrying men their families did not arrange.

March 2004 Photo Gallery - These pictures show purchasing medicine and surgical supplies for maternity hospitals, opening the clinic in the Microrayan kindergarten and an assortment of fun times.

June 2004 Photo Gallery - These pictures show mainly the preserves class, purchasing medical supplies, the beauty school and of course pictures of fun times.

2005 Photo Gallery - I've been living in Kabul this year, here are the pictures. Thanks to Kathleen and Lindy for some of the pictures of me.

2006 Photo Gallery - Pictures of a year of work and fun in Kabul including the Provincial Councilor training. Thanks to Erin and Khaled for some great pictures.

2007 Photo Gallery - Emergency obstetric training, travels through the country, life in Kabul and the fabulous Miss Tequila

2008 Photo Gallery - Project pictures from the Blind School, Science teacher training and and more. And of course Miss Tequila.

2009 Photo Gallery - Project pictures from Faizabad and elsewhere.


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