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Hannah quality checks each box before packing

My life fits into a storage unit

Beauty supplies for container

Warehouse Door 12A

Hair dryers waiting for container

Mountains of clothes for container

Sorting clothes

Kathleen and beauty supplies

Rosemary and beauty supplies

Trying to find a rig to haul our container to the Oakland harbor

Our container at warehouse, ready to load

1000 pounds of pink rollers on their way

Container packed

Container Info

Reynolds finishes loading

Jane and Rosemary inspect the loading

Container on its way to the port

Rosemary back when she wore a headscarf

Oasis Salon client

Driving in Kabul in winter

Winter in Kabul

Salon apprentices Fraiba and Sharifa

Camels lead the way to the Oasis Salon

Kabul Beauty School classroom

Kabul Beauty School classroom

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