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Note to kind reader: This is an advanced recipe. Not advanced in skill, but advanced in patience. It takes just forever to make and yields just a few jars. It's just so good, though.

5 lbs Roma tomatoes peeled, seeded and chopped - peel tomatoes by dropping them into boiling and then ice water
2 large red onions chopped
1 1/2 red peppers chopped
1/2 head of garlic, peeled
1 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon course salt

Make a little sachet with cheesecloth of the following:
1/2 tablespoon celery seeds
a few small slivers of mace
1/2 tablespoon mustard seeds
1 teasoon black peppercorns
Note to self: make the piece of cheesecloth big enough or the celery seeds will fall out the top gap.

Tie the sachet to the handle of the pot with enough string so it will sit down in the tomatoes.

Put the garlic, onions and peppers in a food processor and puree.

Add puree to pot with sachet, tomatoes, vinegar, brown sugar and salt.

Bring to a boil and then boil gently at medium for 1 hour.

Take the pot off the stove and puree mixture with a hand blender until very smooth.

Cook about another 1 hours 15 minutes.

Note to self: This is the time when it will stick and burn. Don't go wandering off, stay close and stir frequently. Remember that batch you burned and ruined a whole jar of ketchup?

The ketchup will be ready when you place a small amount on a plate and no water seeps out. It should be rich and dark.

Ladle into sterilized jars and use a spatula or butter knife to release any air bubbles from the jam. Fill to within 1/4" of the top of the jar.

Note to self: Be fanatical about using the bubble wand to get out every last air bubble. Do it at least 2x per jar.

See instructions for preparing and filling jars.

After filling jars, return to a boiling water bath for 5 minutes. Take out and allow to cool. Jars should seal within the hour.

Yield: 4 8-oz jars