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Various Issues

Day Worker Issue

10/16/2001 Special Meeting
Councilmember Stasek expressed dismay that there has been unwillingness by private property owners to lease their property to the center and noted that she was grateful that Foothill Disposal agreed to make their former offices available for the day worker center. She was, therefore, frustrated to hear people say that this facility is not appropriate for the day worker center. She encouraged that if this is the only site available, then it should be considered, regardless of how people might feel about its former use.
She stated that she would not support any more staff time spent on studying this issue and suggested that the St. Vincnet de Paul Society come before the Council with a proposal that includes various levels of alternatives. Other Councilmembers concurred.

Community Gardens

9/25/2001 Joint meeting of the Mountain View City Council (Regular) The Mountain View revitalization Authority (Special) and the Mountain View Shoreline Park Community (Special)
Councilmember Stasek explained that although she supports this issue, she is sensitive to the goal-setting process and would support this issue when it come forward. She, instead, suggested that now is a good time to begin getting the schools' involvement in this type of program so that they might be ready by spring to start their own gardening programs, and as those programs get going then the City could come in and begin to work with the schools.

Council, Staff/Committee Reports

9/25/2001 Joint meeting of the Mountain View City Council (Regular) The Mountain View revitalization Authority (Special) and the Mountain View Shoreline Park Community (Special)
Councilmember Stasek expressed interest in holding a low-key, yet special event very soon, through the Human Relations Commission where Mountain View citizens can come together as a community to show support for and connect with the Muslim community.

State and Federal Legislative Objectives

1/30/2001 Legislative Sessions
Another Councilmember said she could support the objectives tonight because they are long standing positions taken by the Council which have been very effective in the last year to allow Council to respond quickly to legislation as it comes up.

Wagon Wheel Cardroom

2/8/2000 Council Meeting
Request by Wagon Wheel restaurant for amendment to City cardroom ordinance. Another Council member stated that she could not support this request because nothing has changed since their original decision and Council should not reconsider items over and over.
Motion: M/S Kasperzak/Noe
FAILED 2-5; Ambra, Faravelli, Lieber, Stasek, Zoglin no
1/25/2000. Council Meeting
Oral communications from the public - Cardroom ordinance.
Mayor Stasek stated that the City Manager would determine whether this request would take more than one hour of staff time. She explained that if he determined that it would take less than one hour, this request would be agendized as a Councilmember-sponsored item. She continued that if he determined that it would take more than one hour, then the request would return to the Council for direction whether staff has to invest that time.

11/9/1999 Council Meeting
A Council member asked for verification that the Police Dept. could terminate the gambling license to the Wagon Wheel at any time if there was a problem under the existing ordinance. A Council Member stated that she is a patron of the Wagon Wheel and supports keeping it open until it closes by attrition. She noted that while she appreciates that it will cost money to enforce these regulations, there are many ordinances in the City which need enforcement.
M/S Faravelli/Lieber - Carried 4-3; Kasperzak, Noe, Stasek no
Decline to amend the City's Cardroom Ordinance

10/26/1999 Council Meeting
One Councilmember expressed concern for letting the Wagon Wheel shut down based on a technicality, but rather to allow it to happen through attrition because she feels that at
some point there is going to be a higher and more economic use for that property. She also said that she would not support allowing a change in ownership.
Motion: M/S Stasek/Faravelli - Carried 6-1; Lieber no
Receive report and direct the City Attorney's Office to agendize an amendment to the City's Cardroom Ordinance.

Massage Parlors

12/7/1999 Council Meeting
Public hearings condtional use permit for sauna establishment at 1415 El Camino West
A Councilmember questioned the economic feasibility of the business and whether it would be able to make money if the only portion of the site that brings in revenue is the 35 square foot sauna. The Councilmember noted that it would have been helpful to have numbers from the applicant supporting that the business could generate enough income from the sauna without giving massages to properly evaluate staff's finding that the proposed use is not realistically feasible.

Legislative Agenda

1/18/2000 Study Session
One Councilmember responded that she is not comfortable with a blanket position of increasing the supply of day care because it could take many forms, some of which would not be conducive to good child welfare.

City Website

6/1/1999 Council Meeting
One Councilmember stated that if the City is going to have a web site, it needs to have someone to manage it, to collect and update and maintain the quality of information. She said one of the concerns regarding companies who use contractors is that they are trying to avoid paying people benefits, so, she said, she would have a hard time looking at any outside contractor and would prefer to hire an employee. Another Councilmember commented that the decision the Council makes tonight is not whether or not the City will have a web site coordinator in this fiscal year. She said it is a matter of timing rather than the position.
Straw Motion: M/S Kasperzak/Noe - Failed 3-4; Ambra, Lieber, Faravelli, Zoglin no 

5/4/1999 Study Session
Another Councilmember responded that one of the things that made her see some value in adding support to the website is the fact that the web site that the City has today is not the one the City is going to need in a year or two. She said the demand of the smart permitting system and other regulatory expenditures will be a standard way of doing business for Mountain View businesses. She said she feels the community is going to expect more of the website.


6/29/1999 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember said the original concept for New Year's Eve was a First Night type of celebration. She said she had originally been very reluctant to support that because of constraints on City staff regarding the Y2K issue. Also, she said the Tree Lighting ceremony is the nicest thing done in the City of Mountain View and it would not add anything to the ceremony by combining other events. She said she could support anything that does not involve City staff of take away from what is going to be a busy time.
Motion: M/S Ambra/Lieber - Carried 6-1; Faravelli no

3/30/1999 Council Meeting
First Night Celebration - One Councilmember noted that there does not seem to be an overwhelming groundswell of support for this event and also expressed concern for City staffing because they do not yet have their contingent staffing plan in place for Y2K.


5/11/1999 Council Meeting
Do graffiti/lose your license - One Councilmember expressed concern regarding taking away licenses for seemingly unrelated issues but, she said, Council is not in a position to change State law. She added that the resolution does have the potential to publicize the State law and it may make youngsters more aware so they do not do graffiti in the first place and do not lose their license.

Street Closure

4/14/1999 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember stated that she could not support the street closure because she is uncomfortable with an exception that will promote a perception that they treat different festivals differently. She suggested that they either throw the policy out tonight so that anyone who approaches the Council would be able to close Castro St. to Yosemite Ave., or keep the policy in effect for this festival season to be evaluated at the conclusion of the festival season.
Motion: M/S Stasek/Lieber - Carried 5-0; Faravelli, Kasperzak absent
Refer the issue of festival street closure at Yosemite Avenue to the Council Neighborhoods Committee, to be deliberated in the late fall based on their work plan, and direct staff to advise festival applicants who have applied or will apply for the 1999 season that they are eligible to petition the City Council for an exception to the Yosemite Avenue street closure in Policy K-14.

Cable TV

7/13/1999 Council Meeting
New telecommunications service provider - A Councilmember said she is excited about the competition but expresses concern with the possibility that they are going from a monopoly to oligarchy and also stated that the issue remains to be seen whether or not TCI has the right to move Channel 3 and Channel 6 from their current positions and would like to include the potential for the City Attorney to investigate whether this contact can include the specific provision that Channel 3 and Channel 6 remain where they are.

City Centennial Celebration

8/25/2000 Council Meeting
One Councilmember said she is very comfortable with many of the events but not the big-ticket events. She said she is comfortable with smaller events that tie in with City events such as the open house, the bell ringing and the historic building tours. She said there will be a need for some part-time staff, so she is supportive of spending that money. She said she is opposed to the legacy orchard project because she is so supportive of a heritage orchard in the City. She noted that in order to have a legacy orchard in time for the Centennial, it would have to be done on a small scale and perhaps not be done as well as if it were a major open space initiative in the City. She expressed concern that when it became time to do a major heritage orchard, people would say that the City already has a legacy orchard.

Day Workers

6/27/2000 Council Meeting
Motion—M/S Ambra/Faravelli—FAILED 2-5; Kasperzak, Lieber, Noe, Stasek, Zoglin no—Introduce AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 21 OF THE MOUNTAIN VIEW CITY CODE, RELATING TO SOLICITATION, and enact it in 30 days. 
Motion—M/S Kasperzak/Faravelli—Carried 6-1; Lieber no—Introduce AN ORDINANCE AMENDING

3/30/1999 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember said she could support this issue going to the Neighborhoods Committees or a new ad hoc committee because the original AD Hoc committee has disbanded and that is not an option. A Councilmember asked if they could put a time frame into the motion because she knows that the Neighborhoods Committee is very busy.
Motion: M/S Lieber/Noe Carried 4-3; Ambra, Faravelli, Zoglin, no 

Mayors Conference

1/2000 Council Meeting
Mayor Stasek reported that she and Vice Mayor Noe recently attended the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the two items of interest were the new regulations on train noise and also a resolution regarding lowering of the flag, which she asked staff to investigate to ensure City's compliance. She explained that there were 64 resolutions and that she voted on those that matched Mountain View's legislative agenda and abstained on those that the City had not taken positions on. She stated that the full summary of resolutions is available to anyone who is interested. 

Campaign Finance Reform

4/25/2000 Council Meeting
Another Council member said that in going through the recommendations at the committee level, she did not support the alternative regarding the provision of designation in the sample ballot because the ballot statements are for the candidates to put in whatever they would like. If they want to put in that they are abiding by the expenditure limit, that is appropriate for them to do. She said her concern is that if Council puts in an official designation, it puts almost an official imprimatur on this, and if the candidate then goes over the limit , something has been held out that is not true. She added that she does not support in general mandatory statement designations of any kind.

Goal Setting

4/18/2000 Study Session
A Councilmember stated that targeting the Mountain View [childcare] Task Force would be a much stronger use of City resources. A Councilmember suggested that the Youth Ad Hoc Committee provide information on whether they are about to wrap up their work and what their ongoing plan is. Another Councilmember said he (sic) would be comfortable moving the Mayor's Award Program into the next year because this is an incredibly busy year. In terms of downtown, she said her concern is that it is important but that it not take a disproportionate amount of staff resources.

County Fair

8/3/1999 Council Meeting
Vice Mayor Stasek stated that she participated in the opening ceremonies for the Santa Clara County Fair and was able to remember former Mountain View City Mayor Joe Cusiamo. She added that she won two blue ribbons in the Santa Clara County Jam Competition.

Social Service Funding

5/22/2000 Study Session
Mayor Stasek advised the Council that she would be submitting a letter in support of utilizing $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 of County funding for medical services for the North County, including staffing for the Mayfield Clinic and a mobile dental van.

5/2/ 2000 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember stated that she would like to provide money for the Clara/Mateo Alliance Shelter for increasing services to families with children.
Straw Motion: M /S Stasek /Zoglin Carried 6 -0 ; Kasperzak absent
That the Community Services Agency be provided $31,500 for senior services, $34,235 for emergency assistance and $10,300 for the Alpha Omega Shelter.
Straw Motion: M /S Stasek /Ambra Carried 6 -0 ; Kasperzak absent
Allocate $5,0 0 0 each for the Clara/Mateo Alliance Shelter (emergency shelters for the homeless and for families).
Straw Motion: M /S Stasek /Zoglin Carried 4 -1 ; Kasperzak no, Faravelli , Lieber absent
Allocate $35 ,000 to the Support Network for Battered Women.
Straw Motion: M /S Stasek /Ambra Carried 6 -0 ; Lieber absent
Rebudget $ 5,0 0 0 to the Veterans Workshop, Inc. /Next Step Center (one-time costs for rehabilitation of transitional house for homeless
veterans ).
Straw Motion: M /S Stasek /Kasperzak
Carried 4 -2 ; Ambra , Faravelli no, Lieber absent
Change allocation for the Community School of Music and Arts to $17 ,510 .

Centennial Calendar

7/10/2001 Special Meeting
One Councilmember commented that the Centennial is four months away since events will begin in November, and the Committee should be gearing up toward doing the activities the Council has already set with the money that has already been provided.
Another Councilmember stated it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to do fundraising and the idea that you send out a letter and get money is not realistic. She also expressed concern about the burden the fundraising would place on the members of the Committee.
A Councilmember felt it is a burden for the Committee members to have to do the fundraising and they should keep it simple in order to ensure a successful celebration. Another Councilmember concurred and commended Chairperson Weaver for his hard work and coordination of the Committee members.
Motion—M/S Kasperzak/Zoglin—FAILED 2-5; Ambra, Stasek, Pear, Faravelli, Lieber no—Approve the recommendation of the Centennial Celebration Committee regarding the creation of a Centennial Celebration community investment program and have the Committee return to Council if they choose to pay a professional fund developer in order to get the Council's authorization on the details.
Motion—M/S Faravelli/Kasperzak—Carried 6-1, Stasek no—Approve a community investment program effort focused on Mountain View corporate and citizenship sponsorship of specific Centennial events/projects rather than a tiered approach.

11/14/2000 Council Meeting
A Councilmember indicated that she was supportive of providing the estimated funding for staff support for Centennial Celebration planning efforts. She also indicated that she supported collaborating with existing events and having other events throughout the year have a Centennial theme. She also indicated that she had concerns in regard to outside fund-raising, was supportive of providing funding (possibly as a loan) to the Historical Association for the book on the history of Mountain View, that the proposed ringing in event was duplicative of a community-wide event and that she was not supportive of a Centennial calendar. 

Municipal Code Update

10/10/2000 Council and the Human Relations Commission 
Another Councilmember requested that the word "holiday" be deleted from this section of the ordinance and that the revised language regarding the days of the week referred to should be culturally neutral.

Commission Work Plan Committee

1/28/1997 Council Meeting
Healthy ventures outreach worker program
Motion: M/S Faravelli/Ambra Carried 5-1; Stasek no; Zoglin abstained Consider reestablishment of an ad hoc social concerns commission work plan committee, consisting of a combination of Council and Commission members, to refocus the work plan and strengthen the Council/Commission operating procedures.

Another Councilmember said she did not support the recommendation because she feels it would be sufficient to simply send a request back to the Commission to refine the recommendation to make it more concise and clear. (Councilmmember Stasek served on this committee.

Moffett Boulevard Code Enforcement Strategy

11/28/2000 Council Meeting
Strategy for upgrading Moffett Boulevard

Another Councilmember reminded Council that although there is a lot of frustration with the bar, it is important to keep in mind that whatever Council does needs to be fair and distributed and not do something that wipes the use out of the rest of the street because if the St. James Infirmary site redevelops, there could be a nice bar in the hotel. She said Council needs to be careful about what it is trying to implement. She also reminded Council that the City has some severe planning staff limitations and at the study session it very articulately outlined the incredible resources that would be needed to go ahead with imposing a CUP requirement on Moffett Boulevard. She said that this issue needs to be considered at Council's goal-setting session to be put in the context of everything else that needs to happen next year. 

10/10/2000 Council and the Human Relations Commission 
A Councilmember stressed getting relief for neighborhood residents and supported demolishing the car wash, using the POP program to deal with problems at the Cottage Bar,
fencing the entry road next to the car repair business on 730 Central Avenue to keep out transients, updating the code and getting car repairs off the street, but spoke against doing anything long-term at this point.

Oral Communications from the Public

03/06/2001 - Special Meeting
City Council policy A-13, City Council meetings

A Councilmember said the perception that the only time the public speaks is during Oral Communications from the Public is not the case. The public speaks on every item on the agenda. She said that by moving the Oral Communications item earlier on the agenda, one group of members of the public is being traded for another group of members of the public. She said that if Oral Communications was set before a public hearing, those members of the public who come to speak on a scheduled agenda item would have to wait later in the evening, and it is a matter of saying is there one group of people from the public who deserve to speak earlier than the others. She added that the only time exceptions in scheduling have
been made by the Council is when youth-oriented issues are being considered and they are put earlier in the meeting. Further, she said as long as the meetings run until 10:30 p.m. or 11:00 p.m., there will be members of the public who will wish to address the Council at that time.

Planning Commission

5/15/2001 Special Meeting
Special mtg. of Mt. View City Council and the Environmental Planning Commission and Shoreline Regional Park community and the City of Mountain View Capital Improvements Financing Authority.One Councilmember responded that she would be reluctant to make it a requirement of the Chair to attend every Council meeting because it would require a significant commitment of time given that almost every meeting has an item that has potentially come through with the EPC. She explained that she values the informal encounters that she has with the Commissioners where she can then clarify any questions she might have. A Councilmember responded that she tries to avoid saying to the press what her exact position is on an issue until she has to vote on it, except for issues that go on and on forever. She noted that it might be good to keep their vote to themselves in order to avoid Brown Act problems and other complications.