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Note: This site is now archived and no longer being updated.  Please click here to reach the current site of Rosemary Stasek.

As you know, campaigns are expensive and I need your help.  To get the campaign out to the voters, I am asking you to consider making a contribution today. 

As I have done in my previous races for city council, I plan on being outspent my opponents have already stated that they plan on spending more than double what I will need to win this race.  To be competitive, I will need to raise $200,000 and am hoping that I can count on your support.

The maximum contribution  is $3,000 I am asking you to consider contributing as much as you can afford your contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100 or whatever you can afford will allow me to meet my goal and put me on track for victory in March.

You know that I will work hard to be a good state legislator your contribution will make a big difference and is needed today.

Two easy ways to contribute:

1. Online - couldn't be easier, get out the credit card and make a safe, secure, online transaction by pressing the subtle little "contribute now" button:

2. By Check - send a check made out to:

The Committee to Elect Rosemary Stasek
273-B Jessie Lane
Mountain View, CA 94041