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Amphitheater Name Change

3/7/2000 Study Session
A Councilmember stated that she is not for sale and that Mountain View has 10 years of name identity with Shoreline Amphitheatre, which is priceless. She explained that although they are being offered the opportunity to change their minds in a year, it would probably be impossible for the City to do so without a lot of legal intervention and especially once they have taken the money. She noted that there are many other businesses in the City that have put a lot of money into the community, and nothing has been named after them.
Motion: M/S Noe/Kasperzak  Carried 4-3; Ambra, Lieber, Stasek no
Direct staff to work with SFX/BGP and Lycos representatives to consider changing the name of Shoreline Amphitheatre to Lycos Amphitheater at Mountain View for the 2000 season; and structure a deal for Council consideration at the earliest possible Council meeting, including enough time for a public outreach meeting or inform the Council if that would not be possible.

3/16/1999 Council Meeting
A Councilmember stated that she is disconcerted that this item would go to an ad hoc committee because she is not interest in selling the name of the Amphitheatre and does not think that the name needs to be sold to put Mountain View on the map of Silicon Valley. A Councilmember stated that she would like for Yahoo! to become involved the the community regardless of whether Shoreline is named Yahoo! Pavilion and would like to see Yahoo! become a good corporate citizen

Amphitheater Operations

11/16/1999 Study Session
A Councilmember asked what happens when a concert runs longer than the approved end time, such as what happened during a concert this past season. A Councilmember asked if the City has any input in the decision to add the parking fee into the price of the tickets. One Councilmember stated that they could impact traffic more by reducing the total number of cars and encouraging public transportation, such as light rail, the Caltrain, or shuttle services such as a party bus, etc. She added that it should be easy to do in this situation.
A Councilmember suggested that BGP look into establishing a free shuttle to the Amphitheatre.

Dog Park

8/3/1999 Council Meeting
A Councilmember asked if the fact that Shoreline at Mountain View Park is a nature preserve was taken into consideration. A Councilmember stated that it would be impossible for anyone to use the dog park during concerts at Shoreline and that the accessibility is poor. Ahe added that Shoreline at Mountain Park is a wildlife area and it in conflict to allow a dog park there. She expressed support for Rengstorff Park due to the accessibility for citizens.
Motion: M/S Kaperzak/Stasek - FAILED 3-4; Faravelli, Lieber, Noe, Zoglin no

Charleston East Site

12/12/2000 Joint meeting of the City Council and Shoreline Regional Park Community
One Councilmember commented that it is important if it is the desire of Council that a labor peace agreement be adopted, that folks coming in with a proposal hear about it immediately rather than waste a lot of people’s time.

6/27/2000 Council Meeting
One Councilmember stated that she would not abandon the Emporium site as a potential conference center site but still supports a hotel and conference center on this site. She added that she would like to see an integrated site with both hotel and cultural/educational projects developed here. She supported Height Option No. 2, which is four stories and no more than 82' with design controls protecting views.

5/22/2000 Study Session
A Councilmember asked what would be the maximum height allowed for a hotel and conference center in the North Bayshore Precise Plan and how would that compare to the SGI and Alza buildings. A Councilmember stated that if they allow all 1 8 acres to be developed for a conference center and hotel, then they would be reneging on the bargain that was originally made with the community. She explained that they need a meaningful amount of space with a commitment that there would be a significant cultural component.

7/27/1999 Council Meeting
Work program for amendment of North Bayshore precise plan to include hotel/conference center - Vice-Mayor Stasek pulled this item to express concern that members of the original North Bayshore Committee had not been informed of this process and requested that they be notified. She also requested that staff clarify the Council's direction taken on May 25, 1999 that consideration of amendment of the Precise Plan be limited to consideration of the hotel/conference center use, as mentioned in the staff report.

Amphitheater Operations

01/23/01 Special Meeting
Review of the 2000 Shoreline Ampitheatre concert season, potential name change and traffic/parking issues
A Councilmember asked how many concerts when the Energy Trail was not used and was that because of a traffic control personnel shortage. Tim Reed, General Manager at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, responded that the Fourth of July presents some different circumstances to work with; they have the fireworks launching from the Golf Course adjacent to Terminal Road, and they were asked not to use Terminal Road immediately after the concert until the area was cleared and it was determined that there was no fallout or burning debris on the ground, and it was not a result of low staffing. He said that a personnel shortage exists, but it was not significant enough to not allow a specific passageway to operate or to close down any specific part of the operation and that that event was the only at which the Energy Trail was not used.
A Councilmember expressed support for pursuing the pedestrian ramp improvement in C/D lot to route the people around to the west side of the box office because the barricade narrows the driveway going into C/D lot and causes a lot of interference with the traffic coming in and out of C/D lot and the trail would get the pedestrians off the C/D lot driveway.
Another Councilmember said her position has not changed, and she feels that the name Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View is valuable for the City's identity. Two other Councilmembers concurred and said they too have not changed their position to keep the name.