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Civic Projects...

Community Child-Care

10/16/2001 Special Meeting
Another Councilmember expressed her support for the staff's recommendations and noted that offering different tuition levels is critical because it is important to have kids from all socioeconomic levels. She added that there is probably no way around having the City construct the building as it will be on City-owned property. She stated that the Community Center is separate from the child-care center and they should be discussed separately.

8/07/2001 Special Meeting
Councilmember Stasek asked for clarification on the square footage that has been set aside in the Community Center versus what is being recommended by the consultant. A staff member explained that the square footage originally allotted in the Community Center for a child-care facility is 5,000 square feet, both inside and outside, to total 10,000 square feet, and the recommendation from the consultant is for 7,000 square feet, both inside and outside, to total 14,000 square feet. However, staff had anticipated, and has been using in the preschematic design phase, 7,000 square feet inside and outside.
She commented that she wants to make sure that they are meeting the criteria for the various accreditations needed and asked what the most stringent accreditation is to obtain and what its square footage requirement is. Mr. Jaffe responded that this would be an accreditation by the Academy of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, but noted that they do not dictate specific square footage requirements and, instead, look at adult-to-child ratios, which are very similar or identical to what has been recommended. He stated they could provide a copy of those standards to the Council as well as a copy of the early childhood environment and infant/toddler environment rating scales, which are very strong and are what they use. He noted that the State requirement is 35 square feet per child, and that this amount of space meets basic minimum health and safety standards.
She stated that a detached facility would be better in terms of operating hours and security concerns, and suggested that a second-story structure be investigated further. She added that the fact the facility will be in the middle of a City park would leave the City to have more of a role than originally anticipated. She asked for more information on what the options are for the City having control over the site.

7/27/1999 Council Meeting
Community services child-care needs assessment - A Councilmember asked if this plan is predicated on a gift of land or whether they have money to purchase land. A CSA representative responded that they do not not have any money for capital costs but would be capable of paying rent at some level. A Councilmember expressed concern that they would not be able to incorporate enough space into the Community Center for child care and that there are some potential limitations to that site. She added that a time line would important to the Council and suggested that a time estimate be included in regard to any potential location so that they can see whether a site could be opened in a reasonable amount of time.


3/21/2000 Study Session
One Councilmember responded to Mr. Perry that the City is deferring a number of median projects this year. She added that in regard to Phase II of the El Camino Real street median landscaping, the City should monitor the portion from Sunnyvale to Calderon Avenue over the next year to see what condition it is in after that time.

11/16/1999 Study Session
A Councilmember asked if the medians are worth $1.7 million and stated that it is a hard sell for her. She also noted that she likes the teal and yellow banner. One Councilmember asked that they just look at Phase I now and worry about banners, gateway monuments and the other two phases later. She suggested that staff come back with a plan
for Phase I of the median landscaping and that it include the intersection of Castro Street and El Camino Real.

3/30/99 Council Meeting
El Camino Real Banner program - Another Council member stated that she initially felt the same way about this project, however, she has since reconsidered because they would only be approving an expenditure of $5,000 at this time. She continued that when information comes back on this it will be further into the budget cycle and might dovetail nicely.

Police/Fire Building

7/27/1999 Council Meeting
HVAC System - A Councilmember stated that she considered rebidding the projects; however, the bids were received 10 days ago, and she did not think they would change very much. She commented that relying on a three-year old Engineer's Estimate probably gave them unrealistic expectations when they went out to bid.
Motion: M/S Kasperzak/Noe - Carried 6-1; Ambra no

Fire Station 2

11/9/99 Council Meeting
A Councilmember stated that she likes the new fire station design because it makes the fire station much more visible to the neighborhood. She added that the Council would not want to compromise pedestrian access, and so she would support mounting the plaque in the sidewalk in a way to meet ADA standards.

Yardis Court

11/26/99 Council Meeting
One Councilmember asked for clarification that the improvements would not include pedestrian sidewalks. One Councilmember expressed disappointment that no sidewalks will be included on Yardis Court and, therefore, gave her support for completing the sidewalk on Miramonte Avenue.


5/11/99 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember said she was very up in the air on this issue because she saw a lot of merit on both sides. She said the reason she is now going with the the S-curve is the increased buffer by the home at the corner of Bush Street/Evelyn Avenue and it can be designed in a way to maximize safety as much as you can when you have to move that much traffic through an intersection.

City Art

6/10/97 Council Meeting
Motion: M/S Stasek/Faravelli Carried 6-0; Kleitman abstained Approve the Council Transportation Committee's recommendation to prohibit the installation of works of art or sculpture in street median islands and traffic circles.

One Councihmember commented that she is a strong supporter of art in the City of Mountain View because it adds so much to the civic life of the City. However, she said, it is meant to be enjoyed and pondered traffic medians, where people are viewing it from across the street or through traffic, is not what Council wants for the enjoyment of art in the city.  One Councilmember said she thinks a decision should be made tonight and if Council decides to purchase this piece of sculpture, she suggested it be located in Charleston Park in the North Bayshore Area where there is some great modern arcitecture.

Park Land Dedication

11/28/00 Council Meeting


Mayor Stasek requested this item be removed from the Consent Agenda to ask Council to simply consider that with regard to the anticipated $900,000 plus in-lieu fee to be received from the Avalon Bay Apartments at 2400 El Camino Real West which it is suggested to be allocated to open space acquisition in the Del Medio neighborhood have a condition added that if, when the Community Center project comes forward, there is a funding shortfall and open space has not been found in the Del Medio neighborhood, these funds could be used for funding the Community Center. She stressed that while she is supportive of open space acquisition, the Community Center is a high priority project of the Council and there are some questions at this point about the funding.