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Reserve Funds

2/23/1999 Council Meeting
A Councilmember asked when they would need to start being concerned that the City is underbalanced in the Retirees' Health Plan Reserve.

Police Officer Funding

9/14/99 Council Meeting
A Councilmember asked if this is considered a stable source of funding and if there are any concerns about using these funds for a payroll function that would be very difficult for the City to cease doing if they lost the funding.

7/13/99 Council Meeting
A Councilmember commented it is prudent for the Police Department to not use these funds to create new positions that the City would then wither have to eliminate or come up with funding for.

Enterprise Funds

June 6, 2000 Council Meeting
Mayor Stasek commented that the Water and Wastewater Funds run in an extremely economical and well-balanced manner and that the reserves are a prudent way to accumulate funds for much-needed capital projects.

Library Services

6/5/97 Council Meeting
Review of Fiscal year 1997-98 proposed budget and funding of fiscal year 1997-98 adopted capital improvement program.  Library services.  One Councilmember expressed concern that there be sufficient dollars in the salary budget to continue the City's dedication to service level when the new Library opens. 

Funding for the Red Cross

4/15/97 Council Meeting
Another Councilmember said she supports funding for the Red Cross because Council has heard long and loud that rental assistance is an emergency need in the community. She said everyone on the Council is really focused on youth services but that Council has other funding opportunities for youth services. Regarding cost per client, she said some of the agencies are helping some of the most difficult people to help, the medically disabled homeless, and that those are not quick fixes, and it takes a lot of resources to help these situations.

Straw Motion: M/S Zoglin/Faravelli Carried 4-2; Kleitman, Stasek no, Figueroa absent
Approve funding recommendations for Alliance for Community Care at $6,405, American Red Cross at $6,938 and Emergency Housing Consortium at $15,373.

One Councilmember stated that she did not support the motion because she would like to see the remaining funds for the American Red Cross
go to the Community Services Agency. Another Councilmember concurred.

M/S Faravelli/Zoglin Carried 5-1; Stasek no, Figueroa absent

Move funds from Leadership Mountain View Class of 1997 in the amount of $1,500 to Support Network for Battered Women.

Additional Trailers at Shoreline

6/5/01 Council, Capitol Improvement, Revitalization Authority, and Shoreline Regional Park Community 
One Councilmember stated that she was in favor of a placeholder for a second trailer because she was comfortable that the Fire Department was doing what they needed to do to implement the program. She added, however, that it would be beneficial to get a status report from the Fire Department before they put money toward any more trailers. Another Councilmember stated that she could not support funding for a third van because time was needed tp get the program up and running.  Straw motion: M/S Faravelli/Kasperzak - Carried 6-1; Stasek no - Put a $15,000 placeholder in the Fire Dept. budget for an additional trailer, for a total of three trailers.

Bond Refinancing

5/1/01 Special Meeting
A Councilmember said that one of the reasons the City had not considered paying down the bonds in the past was because of the interest received on that money and asked what interest income would the City forego compared to the savings earned by paying it down. The City Manager responded that this issue will be addresses at the Council Study Session regarding bond-refinancing, which is scheduled before the budget is adopted.