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Mountain View is a community with a strong history of supporting transportation initiatives that benefit both the city and region. 

The major transportation accomplishments of the past 5 years include the opening of the light rail, the upgrade of the CalTrain station, the construction of the intermodal transit plaza, and political advocacy for the construction of the 85/101 interchange. 

I was a member of the speakers' bureau in advisory support of the bond measure that will bring BART to our area. I think it is time to make the major investment necessary to bring BART to Santa Clara County. The measure will provide funding for a broad range of additional projects that will benefit our region for generations into the future including CalTrain and Dumbarton rail service. 

I look forward to continuing to investigate alternative transportation projects including high-speed rail and a bay ferry.

I will continue to work for regional transportation solutions that benefit people who live and work in our communities.