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The greatest environmental challenge facing our area is the need to balance the pressures of increasing population and development with the need to maintain the integrity of our local environment. I'm proud of my record in the following four areas:

Heritage Trees - The urban forest is one of the most visible aspects of a quality, livable community. I have been a tireless advocate of protecting heritage trees during the aggressive development efforts in the city. I have worked on raising support for heritage trees among my fellow councilmembers and strengthening enforcement attention by both Community Development and City Attorney staffs.

Open Space - Over the past four years, Mountain View has significantly added to the city's outstanding park system. I have voted to continue to purchase parcels to landbank for future park sites. I am a vocal advocate of extending Stevens Creek Trail through the city and I voted to remove the area designated for a conference center from inside Shoreline Park and reclassify it as burrowing owl habitat and protected open space.

Recycling - When I first ran for office five years ago I had as one of my goals the expansion of curbside recycling in the city. I am happy to say that Mountain View now has curbside mixed paper recycling. I have closely monitored our city's progress toward our AB939 goals and we are on target to meet our next milestone. The next area for emphasis is to improve participation in our commercial recycling programs.

Species - Shoreline Regional Park is an important habitat for the burrowing owl, a species of special concern. At my first council meeting 5 years ago, I voted against a major development project because of the evidence that burrowing owls had been killed during the environmental review process. I have continued to be vigilant in maintaining safe and sufficient habitat for these owls throughout the many development projects considered in the North Bayshore area.

Protecting our local environment is not an issue that will be solved solely by one person, but I will continue to use my role to be a tireless advocate for the environment.