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241 W. Blaine St.
McAdoo, PA 18237


Kabul Contact Information:
Qalla-e Fatullah
Street 2, House 2

Afghanistan Experience

...a little help: 2002 - Present
Founded 501(c)3 organization to assist women and girls internationally and educate Americans on issues they face. Projects include work in women's prisons, maternity hospitals, and girls' education. Extensive public speaking to groups and media on current conditions and projects. Fundraising to finance projects completed. More detailed information available at 

Military Procurement: January 2008 - present
Founded and run a military procurement business focusing on medical and educational supplies for US military operations in Afghanistan. Hire and train Afghan women in business practices including quotations, procurement, delivery and accounting.

Freelance Journalist: March 2003 - present
Write articles on personal Afghanistan experiences. Monthly articles for the Mountain View, CA Voice. Major feature article Vogue magazine, December 2005. Restaurant Critic Afghan Scene Magazine. Online links to articles:

Cordaid: June 2009
Gender Researcher
Conduct research and prepare a gender strategy for the donor organization and their program partners. Research included desk study of current gender situation in Afghanistan and field interviews of organization and partner staff to evaluate current gender sector activities and develop recommendations.

Facilities Management Training: January 2008 - July 2008
Trainer/Program Implementer
Design and implement a program to train Afghan Government personnel in facilities management. Funded through GTZ Gender Mainstreaming Program to advance women's opportunities in civil service positions. Program includes classroom training and individual onsite mentoring.

Emergency Obstetrics Program: January 2007 - November 2007
Program Implementer
Design and implement a program to provide emergency obstetric/first responder training to women police officers and army medics. Proposal written and funding obtained from CSTC-A Command Surgeon, US military. Recruit, hire and manage staff and liaison with US military personnel and Afghan security leadership.

Women's Campaign International: July 2006 - December 2006
Country Director
Implement program to increase the governance capacity of Provincial Councilors. Recruit, hire and manage staff; manage financial reporting for USAID funding contract; work with partner organizations on joint projects. Adjust program activities on an ongoing basis to reflect current security limitations in provinces.

1-Stop Burger: June 2006
Logistics Manager
Relocation of restaurant from Camp Phoenix military base to local Kabul location. Manage frozen, dry and refrigerated food transport, equipment de-installation and transport, and product inventory. Coordinate restaurant closing with military and civilian base support personnel.

Women's Campaign International: April 2006 - May 2006
Program Design Consultant
Conduct assessment interviews in Kabul and 4 provinces with elected officials, provincial administrators and local and international development organizations. Design a program to increase women's political decision-making, working specifically with women who have been elected to provincial councils. Final program design:

BPeace: February 2006 - April 2006
Business Consultant
Assist women entrepreneurs with business development skills including business plans, marketing, surveys, sales calls, and general business operations.

Chemonics International: February 2006 - March 2006
Local Recruiter
Identify and interview national candidates for technical positions in donor-funded project.

German Technical Cooperation (GTZ): September 2005 - November 2005
Consultant/Gender researcher
Conduct field research and prepare written report on gender mainstreaming efforts within the Afghan government. Work with government ministry and donor community representatives to determine status of efforts to provide women civil servants with training opportunities. Provide recommendations on improvements to civil service infrastructure to advance women within the government. Final Report: and Report Presentation:

Kabul Beauty School: June 2004 - November 2005
Logistics Manager
Responsible for fundraising, accounting, marketing, shipping coordination and procurement for non-profit women's vocational training program. Program includes a classroom facility and professional salon. Design and build website. Develop and implement multi-currency accounting system. More detailed information available at

1-Stop Burger: April 2005 - June 2005
Logistics Manager
Responsible for all pre-opening logistics for hamburger restaurant on US military base Camp Phoenix. Work with carpenters, plumbers, HVAC and electricians on site construction. Coordinate ordering and shipment of Vetcom-approved food supplies. Identify staff and necessary medical and security clearances. Design and coordinate production of marketing materials and paper products.

Afghan Center Food Preservation: Spring/Summer 2004
Project Coordinator/Trainer
Develop curriculum for food preservation program for women's income-generating project. Identify locally-available equipment and supplies. Order and coordinate shipment of additional supplies from US. Develop recipes appropriate to local produce and customer preferences. Train 21 women as potential trainers, identify and continue training 4 permanent trainers. Supervise initial classes and program launch. Pictures available at

Maternity Hospital Supplies: Spring/Summer 2004
Project Coordinator
Coordinate the ordering and delivery of specialized medical supplies for maternity hospitals from the US. Identify additional local needs working with maternity hospital directors at 3 Kabul hospitals. Work with local and US medical professionals to source and purchase locally-available equipment and supplies. Pictures available at

Kabul Women's Prison: Summer 2003
Project Coordinator
Raise funds in US for interior rebuilding project for Kabul Women's Prison (Welayat). Work from Minister of Justice down through government agencies to the prison supervisory level to obtain project support. Identify local builder. Source and purchase additional local supplies such as curtains and bedding. Supervise and coordinate work of builders including relocation of women prisoners during construction. Pictures available at

Reconstruction Delegation: May 2002
Invited member of reconstruction delegation to visit Kabul soon after the establishment of the interim government. Meet with Chairman Karzai and discuss the role of women in the reconstruction. Visit schools, hospitals and emerging government agencies. Pictures available at

Selected US Employment History

Mountain View City Council: 1997 - 2005
Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilmember 
Serve as an elected official setting policy for the city as a member of the 7-member City Council. Represent the city on regional boards and provide constituent service for citizens needing a liaison with city government. Extensive public speaking, media contacts and written communications with public. More detailed information available at 

Additional US Employment History

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Cornell University - Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Dean's List, Cornell Tradition Fellowship
Currently serving a 2nd 3-year appointment to the Presidentís Council of Cornell Women