These are a common Eastern European dish, called halupki in Slovak, galumbki in Polish, and also known as stuffed cabbage rolls. There is also a Middle Eastern dish like this, you can make this recipe and then just add yogurt to the sauce after you put them on the plate. I originally looked at a recipe for these in a Polish cookbook by Mariana Olszewska Heberle, but by now it's so different, I think this version is really something I just channeled from a Slovak foremother.

Get the cabbage ready by cutting out the core completely. Dunk one head at a time into a big pot of boiling water, and take off the leaves one-by-one with tongs as they separate. Lay each leaf flat and slice off the top of the tough stems in the middle of the leaves so they are more flexible to roll.

Mix the meat and the rice together with your hands.

Roll the cabbage leaves by taking about 2 tablespoons meat, depending on the size of the leaf, and placing it at the top in the middle. Roll the leaf over once, covering the meat, then fold the sides in, and roll the rest of the way.

Use the very little, and very big leaves to line the top and even the bottom of the pan, it's delicious by itself.

Put the halupki in a big roaster in layers and add the beef broth and V-8. Bake at 325 for 2 hours, basting regularly. These are much better the second day.


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